2022 Chile DOC 62 '

Bastian, a young trans boy, has to face a very difficult time in life: adolescence. It becomes even harder when he must put his best efforts into asserting his individuality. From age 12 to 18, Bastian is filmed by his dear cousin Lorena who catches every glimpse of intimacy and difficulties. We witness how social and economic obstacles can put at risk Bastian’s transition. Bastian’s journey introduces us to a newly open-minded Chile, more tolerant thanks to Chile’s new generation.


Born in Chile, in 1974, Lorena is a visual artist video and filmmaker who has obtained all her degrees in France. Her work deals with political action and collective memory. She has presented her work in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Thailand, Korea, and Chile. She studied at the Fine Arts schools of Grenoble and Paris-Cergy, at the Contemporary Arts School, Le Fresnoy and at La Fémis Cinema School, in France