stevie g.

umut gunduz

2014 United Kingdom DOC / EXP 59 '

Director, Umut Gunduz is Stevie's brother. Whilst Stevie served his last prison sentence to date, the two made contact again after many years silent. It wasn't long before they both began to talk of their childhoods and it was then that Umut suggested the making of a film to Stevie. Having never really grown up together, Umut attempts to discover his brother through the medium of film. As he collects the footage and sifts through hours of family home video, he learns more and more about Stevie and begins to piece the young man together for himself, telling a complex story of guilt and misguided choices that inevitably lead to a life of crime, violence and separation.


Umut Gunduz is a London born and based filmmaker. He began his career as a sound designer, working on small docs and art films, for the majority part. After some time he began making videos, first starting with art projects of his own and later moving to music videos and promos where he refined his techniques and ideals. His work is a blend of portraiture and fiction, exploring his subject matter with a sensitivity for storytelling and with imaginative expression.