the bitter apple from the tree

hana kim

2014 Korea, Republic of DOC / EXP 30 '

2013, Summer in Southkorea. I went back to my homeland Seoul, in the Metropolitan City Incheon. I have also visited the homeland of my mother (Gyodong), on the border of North Korea. I have chosen my mother as the protagonist and observed her as a woman. At the same time, I had filmed her up close and person, in my role as the daughter. Driven by my “mother complex” and accompanied by the video camera. The film shows the modernization of Korea from my personal perspective. The city is astonishing, it is full of hopes, it gives lots of expectations, unrealistic dreams for everyone. The storytelling in this film is associative. I have at the same time partly played with the Idea of Anagram. I have connected the pictures and meanings indirectly with each other. Similar like in laying out tarot cards. The narration was developed through the combination of symbols and its interpretation and swapping of pictures. A poetic language, one looks a woman in the system of the society, and how she lives.


Was born in Incheon, South Korea. Obtained a BFA in Film from the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg in 2014 and is aiming for an MFA there.