2020 Spain EXP 2 '

PaTe Risxas belongs to the audiovisual project called Torvix, which is made up of a group of videos downloaded from YouTube. In these videos one can hear a voice that is either giving a speech or singing a song. Torvix (text-order-video) is a simple software program which reorganizes the original edit of a video, in 26 parts, according to the text presented in this video. Torvix organizes each video in alphabetical order. The re-edit is a response that scrambles the original sequence based on the letters that appear in the transcribed audio of the video. In this way the original video is totally and apparently scrambled.


Eloi Puig is an artist and professor of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona. Doctor in Fine Arts in 2005, with the thesis Alear: ProcessualRandom Art. Randomness in Computer-art. Specialist in printed art, in the digital and manipulated use of chance and teaching through shared methodologies. His current research lines are related to transdisciplinarity, with various projects that explore the nexuses of art and science,