Leonor Noivo

2017 Portugal FICTION DOC 30 '

End of adolescence, end of school, the last summer before joining the working world for a group of friends from the neighbourhood of Alcoitão, “BDA”. With no adults around there is an illusion one can do what one wants. André improvises his life like in a rap music, searching for a path that will allow him more freedom, escaping from what's familiar and close to him, but he’ll never manage to escape from himself.

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Leonor Noivo studied Architecture and Photography before joining the Lisbon Theatre and Film School (https://www.estc.ipl.pt/) in 1997, where she specialized in Editing and Directing. In 2006 she attended the Documentary Filmmaking course of Ateliers Varan at the C. Gulbenkian Foundation. Since 1999 she is a script-supervisor and assistant director in fiction films and documentaries. She collaborated several artists of the performance area, creating contents and video installations. In 2008 co-founded the Cinema Production company Terratreme Films. Since then she has developed her work, alongside with directing, as a producer in the coordination and monitoring of fiction and documentary projects. She directed the films Aside Macao (2001), Mould (2005), InsideOut (2005), Assembly (2006), Airport (2006), Excursion (2007), Later Day Saints (2009), Basic School 26 (2009), Other Letters or the Invented Love (2012), The City and the Sun (2012), Capeia (2015), September (2016).