Waiting for the time

Burak Aras

2014 Turkey FICTION 13 '

A dream, a poetry... One man is in a journey, travels alone with his car in a place away from the big cities, but suddenly he stops his car; then starts walking to the fields at the roadside and an inner journey into his mother begins with a poem which recited to us, but this journey will take us to the places that never expected.


Born in Erzurum on 1986. Graduate on 2011, Electrical and electronics engineering of Anadolu University, Eskisehir. In his childhood, interested in painting and was successfull so much. His first works had been shown in a showroom just at the age of 4. His some works at painting was awarded several times untill high school. Early in life, his interest in painting had decreased and begun to writing songs and also played regional wind instrument -named as “mey” in Turkish- in his high school official band for three years and had taken to the stage numerous time at some different organizations and meetings. Now, is still writing songs. After his high school, became interested in cinema and also its some teqniques: Especially in editing and sound mixing. In University, were helping at time editing of projects and homeworks of his friends who studies on Department of Cinema and Television. But then, wanted to edit his own films. So, decided to make his own films from that moment. [...] Now, also is an engineer at Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Turkey besides the filmmaking and writing songs.