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Nuno Coelho is a Porto-based Portuguese communication designer, artist and curator. He is an assistant professor at the University of Coimbra, where he teaches audiovisual production subjects on the Bachelor and Master degree courses in Design and Multimedia; and an integrated researcher at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies (CEIS20) of the same university. He holds a PhD in Contemporary Art from the College of Arts of the University of Coimbra; a master's in Design and Graphic Production from the Fine Arts School of the University of Barcelona; and a degree in Communication Design and Graphic Art from the Fine Arts School of the University of Porto. As an independent designer, he has worked for individuals and organisations predominantly in Portugal, as well as in other countries, mainly for culture-related clients. He has developed self-initiated research-based projects on the intersection between design and art on social and political issues. As a design researcher, he is interested in history, material culture, heritage, digital humanities, science communication, and visual semiotics and representation. He has been working on topics related to identity and memory by exploring the politics of image-making and the archives of historic Portuguese trademarks and institutions. He has curated and coordinated exhibitions and public programs. He has two books published and has edited two others.


Artist and teacher. Participates in solo and group exhibitions since 2001. His artworks use still and moving images as well as sound and they are presented in exhibition, projection and installation formats. His main interests as a practitioner are the ideas of structure (and its multiple connotations), the “proximity/distance” dichotomy and the ways of occupying the exhibition space. In 2005 won, ex-aequo, the Pedro Miguel Frade award, from the Portuguese Centre of Photography, with the work Night Order. In 2018 won the aquisition award of the XX Cerveira Biennale with the film Where Am I.
PhD in Visual Arts (practice based in instalation, photography and videoart) from the University of South Wales in connection with the European Centre for Documentary Research. Has a degree in Audiovisual Communication Technology at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, majoring in Photography. Worked in São João and D.Maria II National Theatres, RTP Portuguese television, and “Casa da Música”. Full time professor in the Department of Image Arts P.Porto | ESMAD and member of the CEAU | AAI - Architecture, Art and Image Research Group and UNIMAD research unit.
Since 2017, João Leal works collaboratively with Mark Durden in photographing modernist European architecture, beginning with Álvaro Siza. The website of the project is www.durden-leal.comDesde 2017, trabalha em colaboração com Mark Durden num projeto de fotografia da arquitetura modernista europeia, tendo começado o projeto com as obras de Álvaro Siza. O website do projeto é


Director, Editor, and co-founder of the production company TERRATREME Filmes, this filmmaker holds a degree in Communication Sciences with a specialization in Cinema from FCSH, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and Paris 8 University in France. As part of the Creativity and Artistic Creation Program of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, she took part in the VARAN workshops, creating the documentary CARTAS de CABO RUIVO. She also worked on two art films in the LABCC - Cinematographic Creation Laboratory, FCSH, titled PINTURA s/TÍTULO and SHORT STORY, as well as two installations named OBSESSIÕES AVULSO and INDIA#RUSHES.
Among her works, she produced a day at the museum, a 13-episode television series exploring art museums in Portugal for RTP2, and co-directed three documentaries, including CIDADES E as INTERCAS with Pedro Pinho, SÃO TOMÉ: no TRILHO DOS NATURALISTAS with Tiago Hespanha, and ATLAS DE UM CINEMA AMADOR with Inês Sapeta Dias. Additionally, she worked on Suzanne daveau and the film anim, centered around the National Archive of the Moving Image.
Her creative contributions extend to writing the screenplay for Pedro Pinho's a FÁBRICA de NADA, and as an editor, she collaborated with various directors. In her career, she has developed the script for her first fiction feature film, VIVEMOS, and is currently working on the documentary project ORLA and a new fiction script titled CAÇADA, co-written with the writer Manuel Bívar. Her film works were recently showcased in a retrospective at the Batalha Centro de Cinema.