pedro m, 1981

andreas fontana

2015 Switzerland DOC / EXP 27 '

Madrid. A woman is tracing down a father she never knew. Pedro Martin, spanish cameraman, have been filming the attempted coup d'Etat, in the parliament on February 23rd 1981. Looking to uncover the secret of her father, the cameraman's daughter meets people who are haunted by images. Sometimes, historical archives can hide an intimate tragedy... A mesmerizing fiction of the reality.


Andreas Fontana was born in Geneva in 1982. After completing his MA in Comparative Literature at the University of Geneva, he moved to Buenos Aires where he trained as production assistant. In 2010 he graduated with a MA in film production from the ECAL in Lausanne and the HEAD in Geneva. His first short film COTONOV VANISHED (2009) won the First Steps prize at Vision du Réel in Nyon in 2010. It also won the the prize of the best short film at the Festival dei Popoli in Florence in 2010. He has worked as a production assistant for Ingrid Wildi, Jean_Stéphane Bron and Mathias Staub He also also worked as a script writer for Zahra Vargas or Maryam Goormaghtigh. He is actually living and working in Geneva.