Tanto Chão

Anna Almeida

2017 Portugal EXP 7 '

I was always walking in the same direction. I got lost constantly. That Summer I decided to watch my father's home movies. I got lost again. The faces and houses are now different and I don't live in them anymore.


Anna Almeida was born in Portugal in 1989. Master in Audiovisual Communication, specialization in Documentary Cinema, by the School of Music and Arts of the Spectacle (ESMAE) belonging to the Polytechnic of Porto. The director's filmmaking career is built on the territory of documentary film: her first film resulting from an academic practice at ETIC (Lisbon) called RUAS PARALELAS (2012), received first place in the Documentary Category in the first edition of the Sophia Awards Student (2015) Academia Portuguesa de Cinema, a short documentary film about the city as a mechanical space vs free space for visual creation in the public architectural structures of the city of Lisbon. TRANSMEANING (2013), is codirected with Artur Maurício, a short documentary about the dance laboratory, created and taught by the choreographer Cecília de Lima, exhibited during the 5th edition of the INSHADOW festival. Kalopsia (2013) is an audiovisual design in loop, the installation was on display in the gallery Plataforma Revólver in Lisbon (2013-2014), in which the theme of the body and the movement is approached from a poetic and almost obsessive perspective. TRANSEUNTE (2015), is the documentary, in which she is codirector with Bianca Martins, that arises from the audiovisual production realized in Boticas, derived from the artistic residency and associated to the Master of Audiovisual Communication of ESMAE (Escola Superior de Music and Performing Arts). TANTO CHÃO (2016) represents the practical film component resulting from the completion of the master's degree, a short documentary made from family films and those private memories of others in the construction of an autobiographical film object.