Cesário Alves

2019 Portugal Performance 65 '

Diaporama provides a time travel through 35mm slides found around the world, revealing personal photographs of unknown authors, mingling with the waste of film projection and analog-era magnetic tape audio recordings. Diaporama's projections of images, as well as the accompanying soundtrack, take advantage of the architecture of the room where they are installed and are therefore 'site specific' and 'time specific', also reflecting the place and time in which we work. We document our work on an audio tape because it allows us to materialize and carry sounds and images on a medium that stands as a resistance to digitization and immediacy. Sound recording on magnetic tape is an audio broadcast medium that has never been extinguished, despite being overwhelmed by so many other digital formats and somehow declared obsolete, such as the 35mm slides that serve the visual part of the 'Diaporama'. This work asks a latent question: When we die what are the personal files we accumulated for?


Cesário Alves completed his doctorate in 2018 at the College of Arts Humanities and Education, University of Derby, UK, where he developed research in the field of vernacular photography and its appropriations in contemporary art. He teaches photography in the courses of Escola Superior de Media, Artes e Design (Politécnico do Porto), in Vila do Conde.