É o amor

João Canijo

2013 Portugal FICTION 135 '

In Caxinas the relationship between the woman and the fisherman is founded on a vital trust, a mutual and total dependence for family survival. Because the woman trusts and depends on the fisherman to make a living, and the fisherman trusts and depends on the woman to govern life. In this film we follow a group of Caxinas’ women in their day-to-day, in the daily work and family. With the help of an actress who becomes one of the Caxinas’ women.

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Was assistant director to Manoel de Oliveira, Wenders, Tanner and Schroeter. He has directed more than 7 feature films and three documentaries that have had a regular presence in the most important international film festivals - Cannes, Venice, Toronto. Blood of my Blood received the Prize of the International Critics in San Sebastian and the Grand Jury Prize in Miami and was featured in over sixty festivals worldwide. He is finishing his next feature film Fatima - Paths of the Soul.