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Oubliette is a performance event, a time warp taking place in the underground of an unfamiliar environment. The spectators’ bodies are immured in this unearthly, murky and viscous setting within a total memory lapse, incognizant of the context and the motives of their captivity. As the nuisance grows, the performer’s bodyvoice, amplified by the sonic activation of the space, unfolds the metanarrative by stimulating a retrospective, introspective and oneiric remembrance in the times and places of oblivion.


Ece Canlı is a musician, artist and researcher, holding a Ph.D. in Design from University of Porto. Her work sits at the intersection of body politics, counterfactual narratives, extralinguistic expressions, myths and extended vocal techniques. Her tools of investigation include voice, sound, performance, text and artefacts. She has collaborated with various artists, musicians and academics internationally and produced texts and sounds for performances, exhibitions and videos. She is currently a researcher at CECS (The Communication and Society Research Centre) at University of Minho. In November 2020, she released her solo debut album VOX FLORA, VOX FAUNA and continues to create for staged performances both in collaborations (e.g. COBRACORAL, NOOITO, Live Low) and as a soloist.