portrait of a lone farmer

jide akinleminu

2013 Denmark Nigeria DOC 76 '

Portrait of a Lone Farmer is a feature documentary about a Danish--‐Nigerian family torn apart by geography, who are today trying to both comprehend and explain the choices they made. When the filmmaker Jide, for the first time in five years, visits his father’s poultry farm, we see through his camera the unfolding of a story about family, love, and legacy. It is a quiet and stunning portrait of a broken family trying to heal, one in which the drama occurs in their mutual understanding, and never takes up more space than the impressions that meet Jide’s camera.


Jide Akinleminu grew up in the town of Ikorodu, Nigeria. Son of a Nigerian farmer and a Danish librarian. His family relocated in 1991 to Denmark. Studied music and sound engineering, then photography. Attended the acclaimed “Fatamorgana --‐ Danish School of Art Photography”, completed several documentary projects and exhibitions and started working with documentary film at a local television station before moving to Berlin in 2004 to attend cinematography studies at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). His films (in the function of D.O.P.) have been screened at major film festivals such as Locarno, Oberhausen, Berlinale, Hofer Filmtage, FIDMarseilles and his shortfilm “Kokon” was awarded with the German Shortfilm Prize in 2009. "Portrait of a lone farmer" is his first feature length film as a director.