2022 45 '

In this master class, artist and curator Peter Freund will sketch the general idea of artistic “retraction” in terms of an approach to filmmaking that uses algorithmic constraints to fold found or archival footage back on itself in the manner of a conceptual origami. In the process, we will highlight several of the works in the “Retracted Cinema” program, especially those whose specific concept is less visual than structural and therefore merits some explanatory context to amplify the viewing. MOSTRA DE CINEMA EXPERIMENTAL /


Peter Freund is usually working on something else. He writes to avoid making art and makes art to avoid writing. He is a sometimes curator so as to avoid his own work, but usually that inspires him to write or make art. He is co-founder of the Barcelona-based artist collective, Adversorecto, which uses “retraction” as a working method for producing individual and collaborative works.